Monday, March 12, 2012

Recap of The Extra Snowy 2012 Suds and Snow Festival

Written by  Barb Starr
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Recap of The Extra Snowy 2012 Suds and Snow Festival

The 2012 Suds and Snow Festival was different than any other Suds and Snow we have been to mainly because 20 inches of snow dropped in a 24 hour period in the Traverse City area. We headed from Lansing to Traverse City on Friday evening, driving right into the eye of the storm and cruising at a speedy 35mph which made a 3 hour drive a very long 5 hour drive. Once we got to the hotel on Friday, we were only there for about an hour when the power went out for good.
Recap of The Extra Snowy 2012 Suds and Snow FestivalWe didn't know what to expect from Suds and Snow since so many people were snowed in and without power, but the event still had a great turn-out, considering that there where around 60,000 people without power in the greater Traverse City area. We had to get there early to setup our vendor table, and we saw that they were really busy answering phones from people calling and asking if the event was still on. In our experience, the drive there was clear but it looked like several trees or limbs had fallen in the road but were cleared out by the time we went through.

I know that some people had concerns that still putting on Suds and Snow was risky for people to get on the roads, since there was a state of emergency in certain areas. As in anything you, have to use your best judgement, and the organizers were relying on people to use their best judgement when traveling to the festival. Every year they encourage people to utilize the free shuttle service from the city out to the event. This year they were hoping that even more people would take advantage to keep them off the roads around the festival that were still being cleared.

Recap of The Extra Snowy 2012 Suds and Snow Festival

Due to the recent snowfall, it was the best year I have seen for snowshoeing, and I saw more people wearing snowshoes than in previous years. If you have never been to Suds and Snow, it's set up with a main section up front, the breweries featured this year were Arcadia Ales, Arbor Brewing, North Peak Brewing, and Mt. Pleasant Brewing. As in the previous years, there was the epic Suds and Snow beer luge and a stage where bands played throughout the event. In the front is also where all the tasty food is setup, and this year there was Red Messa Grill, TraVino, Scheldes, Mackinaw Brewing Company, and The Truck Mobil Eatery. I really enjoyed the tacos from the Red Messa Grill.

The coolest thing about the event is walking or snowshoeing the trail to the station where Shorts' Brewing, Right Brain & Schmohz Brewing were setup. The back section is where most people hangout until it closes about an hour before the event ends. The back station was packed, but you could still get a bee>r in a timely manner. There was also a stage set up back there with music playing. The snow was coming down and I couldn't think of a better place to be on a March day.

Recap of The Extra Snowy 2012 Suds and Snow FestivalConsidering the the obstacles of the day, all of the volunteers and Timber Ridge did a great job putting on Suds and Snow. This is one event we look forward to going to each year. It benefits the area’s Child and Family Services as well as support for the TART Trails. Since I'm working with and Tammie used to work for the Child and Family Charities in Lansing, this charity has a lot of meaning to us. This was a different expericne than we expected, but we still had a great time and look forward to coming back agian next year.

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