Friday, June 14, 2013

Motor City Brew Tours Branches Out to Grand Rapids

Written by  Tammie Wahl
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Motor City Brew Tours Branches Out to Grand Rapids

Motor City Brew Tours is gaining quite the following in the Detroit Area. Now that they have the Detroit market locked down, they have decided to start branching out to other areas of the state. A couple weeks ago Motor City Brew Tours or Michigan Brew Tours (as they call themselves when they operate tours outside of the Greater Detroit Area) hosted a bus tour in Grand Rapids. On this tour we visited The Hideout, Perrin Brewing Co., and Rockford Brewing. Paul and I were excited about this tour because we haven't done one of Motor City's tours in a while, and we had never visited Perrin Brewing before.
We started at The Hideout. There isn't another brewery out there that has a more appropriate name. This place is tucked away behind an apartment complex and the front door is hidden by trees. We had the place to ourselves because we got there earlier than their normal business hours. We picked out 6 beers as a group and they set out a pitcher of each one for our samples. The Hideout doesn't serve food so shortly after we arrived pizzas showed up for us. We all hung out as a group, talked about the beers, and watched in awe as 3 girls powered through the 24 beer wheel flight!

Once the girls finished their beer flight, we all boarded the bus and headed out to check out Perrin Brewing. Perrin is quite impressive upon pulling up. They have a beautiful building that is going to look even better once their hop garden grows in. We had the whole upstairs loft area. Everyone was very impressed with the decor and the atmosphere.

After finishing up at Perrin, we all boarded the bus again and headed to Rockford Brewing. Rockford seems to be nestled in a wonderful artsy community and Rockford certainly represents the community which surrounds it. Once we arrived, we were shown upstairs to their more private room which included another bar. They set out some pitchers of 3 different beers for us to sample. I really liked the laid back ,rustic, artsy atmosphere at Rockford.

Steve at Motor City Brew Tours never disappoints with his events. If you ever have a chance to attend one of his events, I assure you that you will have a wonderful time. Motor City Brew Tours concentrates primarily on bus, bike, and walking tours but once a year, they host a very special Fathers Day Beer Tasting Boat Cruise on the Detroit Princess. This cruise Will feature over 25 Michigan made craft beers, hard ciders, and vodkas. If you are looking for something your dad will love on his day, he is sure to enjoy this!