Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Experience Beer, Food And An Amazing Patio At The Franklin In Traverse City

Written by  Jennifer Hamilton
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the franklin

Michiganders only get a few months of warm weather each year. If you are anything like me, it is imperative to soak up the sunshine as often as possible. That is why I am constantly on the lookout for places with great outdoor patios. One of the best patios Traverse City has to offer sits atop The Franklin. Not only is the patio atmosphere worth seeing, but the beer selection is out of this world.
The Franklin has 41 different beers to choose from at any given time. 18 of those beers are rotating on tap. In addition to the huge beer selection, there are five different hard ciders available, unlimited wine selections, and signature cocktails to appease everyone. Since the beer selection is constantly rotating, the number of Michigan beers available at any given time is never the same. However, the menu boldly points out which selections are Michigan beers, giving drinkers an easy way to select their local favorites. For those that prefer to dabble beer from afar; you have an abundant selection available. It may be difficult to select just one beer to try, but fear not, flights are available to sample many delicious beers at once.

Almost as important as the variety of beer is the different kind of food available. I’m a huge sucker for a great charcuterie plate, and the Franklin has it. They also have many flatbread pizzas, seafood, sandwiches, and upscale dinners. The Franklin is truly a great location for any occasion. It is classy, yet casual and friendly at the same time. Huge tables that run down the center of the restaurant make it great for groups, while cozy corner tables make it ideal for an intimate evening.

The atmosphere may very well be perfect at the Franklin. But don’t take my word for it, head down to 160 E. Front Street and have a seat on a spacious patio overlooking Front Street, Clinch Park, and Traverse City’s beautiful west bay. It is the bee’s knees for sunny, summer beveraging.

Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton has lived in various cities around the great state of Michigan and presently resides in Traverse City. When not drinking, examining, and researching the great craft beers offered in this region, Jennifer can be found trying to balance her marathon training schedule, day job, MSW course load, and three rambunctious dogs.  In Jennifer's professional opinion, beer is the glue that holds a busy schedule together; she spends a lot of time testing said theory.