Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Witches Hat Brewing is Distributing! The Shark Club Helps Celebrate

Written by  Tammie Wahl
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Witches Hat Blown Glass Tap Handles

Last week Paul and I headed out to The Shark Club in Howell, Mi for the Witches Hat Brewing release party. This party was held to celebrate the fact that Witches Hat is starting to distribute their wonderful beer. Witches Hat opened in 2011 and have been blowing up the scene ever since.
Witches Hat flight of Beers at Shark Club in HowellThe Shark Club does a great job with events like these. The place was packed with people and a lot of them seemed to either have a flight of tasty Witches Hat beer or several of glasses of their beers on their table. They had brought 6 of their favorite recipes to put on tap at the bar. I instantly fell in love with their tap handles; they are beautiful witches made out of hand blown glass. I have no doubt that just the look of these handles is going to get people who have never heard of them to try thier beer. They are really that unique.

Witches Hat Brewing is Distributing! The Shark Club Helps CelebratePaul and I of course had to get a 4 beer flight and then get the other 2 beers for ourselves. That way we could try their wonderful selection. I personally really enjoyed their Brown Ale as well as their Double IPA. Paul seemed to really be a fan of the Hefeweizen. I thought all of their beers were fantastic, even though I prefered the Brown and IPA over everything else.

Now that Witches Hat Brewery is distributing, I truly believe that they are on the fast track to something great. I have no doubt that their tap handles will be just as recognizeable as some of the more popular names in Michigan beer.