Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Recap of Belgian Style Night with Rex Halfpenny at Shark Club in Howell

Written by  Barb Starr
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Recap of Belgian Style Night with Rex Halfpenny at Shark Club in Howell

Last Monday we went to Style Night with Rex Halfpenny at the Shark Club in Howell. The feature was Belgian Beers and they were mostly yeast forward, high alcohol beers that included Delirium Nocturnum, Delirium Tremens, Chimay & Gulden Draak. The three different beers we tried were the Wittekerke which is a Belgian White or WIT Beer, and we had St. Louis Framboise which is a Fruit Lambic. The last one was Poperings Hommel Ale which is a Belgian IPA.
Recap of Belgian Style Night with Rex Halfpenny at Shark Club in HowellThe great thing about this event is that Rex has such a vast knowledge about beer. He goes in great detail talking about each beer and also tells stories about each of the breweries. There's so much history, especially with Belgian Beers because some of them they have been brewing for more than a hundred years. It's interesting to me that Rex said most of the smaller Belgian Breweries have been able to stay open largely because of the appreciation and purchasing power of American consumers.

Since I have only been getting into Belgian Beers for the last year and I have so much to learn, I was super excited about this event. I have had Delirium Tremens and Chimay before but it was the first time I had the Gulden Draak, which was my favorite beer of the night. I seem to prefer the darker, maltier, higher gravity beers. It was nice that during the event you could ask questions about the beers, and Rex did a great job of answering each one. Rex covers so much information during his presentation that I could go to the same Style Night and pick up something new every time. I love learning about history in general so when I can learn about history and be drinking a beer, it does not get much better then that. 

If you like learning about beer styles and beer history, this event is for you, and if you have never been to a Style Night with Rex Halfpenny I would suggest coming out to one at the Shark Club. Next month's feature will be bock beers and I would love to see you come and get a great education on beer.