Sunday, July 08, 2012

Dark Horse Brewing Co. Takes Over The Shark Club

Written by  Tammie Wahl
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Darkhorse Brewing Co. Takes Over The Shark Club

Recently The Shark Club in Howell, Mi invited the rock and rollers of Michigan Craft Beer to take over their taps. Dark Horse Brewing Co. out of Marshall, Mi brought out several of their beers along with 4 different versions of their flagship IPA.
Just a few of the Dark Horse Brewing Company Taps at Shark ClubWhen Paul and I looked at the menu we were excited to find several different beers on the menu rather than the usual, more well known, Dark Horse beers that you typically see on tap take overs. We were very excited to try the 501 Sun which is a hybrid american wheat beer. It is just as delicious as it sounds. I strongly urge you to try this beer if you have the chance. It has only been made in a small batch which means that it is a limited release. Get it while you can! Paul was also excited to try the Death Star Lover which is an Oak Aged Raspberry Stout. He must have liked it because he ordered a second. I had the Reserve Black which is a Dark Strong Ale. I quite enjoyed it.

We also ordered a flight of the special versions of Crooked Tree which are three new experimental IPA's (7 C's Cascade, Ollirama - Amarilo,  Artic - Citra). They're made basically exactly like Crooked Tree only each one uses only one Hop varietal in each batch. I was really amazed by the difference in taste from one to the other. I knew that different varieties of hops caused different vairations of flavors but it has never been spelled out for me quite like that and it was quite cool to see just how different they can be. These were also only brewed in small batches so if you see them, take the opportunity to try them.

Dark Horse Brewing Co. never disappoints when it comes to their beer. They always produce a beer with wonderful balanced flavors and they bring it with their amazing rock and roll style that they do so well.