Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Atwater Beer and Cravings Popcorn Paring at REO Town Pub

Written by  Mark Warner
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 Atwater Beer and Cravings Popcorn Paring at REO Town Pub

The Beer and Popcorn pairing starts at 7pm on Sept. 26th and is hosted at the REO Town Pub. Beer and popcorn are a perfect pairing with the popcorns light fluffy crunch and salty, sweetness complementing a refreshing beer.

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn This event takes things a few steps further by adding Old Town’s own Cravings Popcorn (flavored popcorn) and Detroit’s Atwater Brewery. This event will feature to newly created popcorns that I'm a Beer Hound and Cravings Popcorn worked on together. The first one is "The Vampire Slayer" which is a well balanced popcorn that has prominite Garlic, Onion and Lime flavors. The second popcorn is "Hot BBQ" which has a nice balance between the spiciness of the cayenne pepper and the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. The Parings will include a five course pairing with Five - 6oz Atwater Beer samples to be paired with five – 3 oz Popcorn samples.

The Parings Include:
  1. Vampire Slayer Popcorn (New Popcorn: Onion, Garlic and Lime) paired with Atwater Dirty Blonde
  2. Premium Signature Gold Popcorn Paired with Atwater Blueberry Cobbler
  3. Apple Cider Cinnamon Popcorn paired with Atwater Blocktoberfest
  4. Hot BBQ (New Popcorn: Cayenne Pepper with a double shot of Barbecue Sauce) paired with Atwater Conniption Fit Double IPA 
  5. Dark Molasses Caramel with Sea Salt Popcorn paired with Voodoo Vator

Help us kick off the fall season right and join us for beer and popcorn on September 26th. Please purchase tickets ahead of time on our website or in person at the Pub because it will sellout.