Monday, May 18, 2015

Travel North To Hop Lot Brewing And Experience A Beer While Enjoying The Fresh Outdoors

Written by  Jennifer Hamilton
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The moment every beer-drinking, Northern-Michigander has been waiting for has finally arrived: Suttons Bay’s Hop Lot Brewing Company is open for business. Co-owners and brothers, Steve and Drew Lutke, have poured an enormous amount of effort into crafting this brewery into a fabulous place to enjoy the fresh outdoor air while drinking great beer. Don’t take my word for it though, swing up M22 and check it out for yourself.
The main draw of this brewery is the outdoor seating area. Ginormous, wooden picnic tables run parallel down the large lot, which is surrounded by woods, trails, and all things nature. At the base of the lot is a tremendous fire pit with ample seating surrounding it. Nowhere in Northern Michigan can you find a beer garden like this. In fact, its effect is similar to the beer gardens that populate Southern California. The indoor seating area is beautifully crafted from wood as well, making this a great go-to spot no matter how crazy Michigan’s weather turns.

Hop Lot presently has six diverse beers on tap. These include a strawberry, a chocolate espresso stout, both a red and black IPA, a brown, and a rye pale ale. There is truly a brew to please any beer drinker that may walk through those doors. Hop Lot Brewing Company’s website is also a great resource to see what will be on tap next and when it will be released. And what’s a brewery without snacks? First of all, there is a popcorn machine with unlimited free popcorn. (Trust me, I took advantage.) Additionally, Hop Lot also serves up hummus plates, soft pretzels, nachos, and multiple sandwiches.

Hop Lot is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the spring season. Join the celebration on May 30th for the official grand opening party. There will be live music, great people, and of course, plenty of beer to go around.

Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton has lived in various cities around the great state of Michigan and presently resides in Traverse City. When not drinking, examining, and researching the great craft beers offered in this region, Jennifer can be found trying to balance her marathon training schedule, day job, MSW course load, and three rambunctious dogs.  In Jennifer's professional opinion, beer is the glue that holds a busy schedule together; she spends a lot of time testing said theory.