Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Grand Ledge Welcomes First Microbrewery, Sanctuary Spirits

Written by  Aimee West
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Grand Ledge sits above the Grand River and is only about 13 miles west of downtown Lansing. With the sandstone ledges to climb, the historic Opera House, and its downtown area to explore, the city of Grand Ledge has a lot going for it. Next time you visit, stop in Sanctuary Spirits nestled just on the edge of town on Saginaw Highway. It is located in an old historic church and is the first microbrewery in Grand Ledge.
Sanctuary Spirits has quietly been focusing on distilling whiskey and other fine spirits for the last two years with the dream they would eventually add a brewery.

Head Brewer, Erik Swanson, has been brewing nonstop for the last month getting ready for the brewery to open.

Co-owner Tolin Annis, talked about how they were excited to have Erik as head brewer, they had given him free reign to do what he does best; brew beer. Erik mentioned that brewing is the “perfect blend of art and science.” At the time of my visit there were three beers on tap, since then they have expanded to 10 taps.

On tap when I stopped at Sanctuary Spirits was the Sunshine Double IPA, Gingerbread Ale and a Cream Ale. My favorite was the Gingerbread Ale, with its warm honey flavor and cinnamon stick notes, this fall beer is a perfect way to welcome in the cold weather. Tolin called the Cream Ale an “everyday drinking, conversation beer.” In other words a great beer to introduce your friends to craft beer, or something you can enjoy drinking while visiting with friends. With comfortable seating on various couches, round tables for discussions or game playing, and a long bar to chat up your bartender this space has a welcoming feel that will make you want to stay for a round or three.

Soon they will replace the current carpet with locally sourced ash for the tasting room. Next summer they plan to expand on the beer garden area. Currently they do not offer food but outside food is welcome and they are looking for a permanent food truck.

Follow Sanctuary Spirts on Facebook and keep up to date on current events. The third Thursday of each month is movie night!

Aimee West

Aimee West

Is new to the craft beer scene but always willing and wanting to learn more.