Monday, February 02, 2015

Short's Brewing Company Brews Their Way Into Third Place

Written by  Aimee West
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How many barrels of delicious craft beer do you have to brew in order to be considered number three in the state? 34,443 barrels is what Short's Brewing Co. produced in 2014 putting them as third for production brewing.
They brewed their way right past New Holland Brewing Co and put them solidly behind Bell's Brewing Co. and Founders Brewing Co. In order to take third place they increased production by 11,577 more barrels than the 22,866 barrels they produced in 2013. What makes this even more exciting is that Short's Brewing co. is only distributed in Michigan! Yes, you read that right, they brewed and sold 34,443 barrels in the State of Michigan.

There has been healthy competition between New Holland and Short's Brewing Co and Short's CFO Brian Beckwith had this to say, “It's been an exciting year for Short's Brewing Company with our strong growth, especially considering we're a Michigan only company.” New Holland is already increasing 2015 productions, which they estimate will be more than 40,000 barrels according to Emily Haines, New Holland Community Manager. In 2014., New Holland brewed 32,774 barrels of beer.

In order to meet this demand New Holland is building a second brewing and distilling facility this year in Grand Rapids. They also opened Sidecar last year, a 1,600 sq ft. tasting room located next to their downtown Holland pub.

Short's Brewing Co. wants to keep their new third place position and are also expanding their current production facility in Elk Rapids. They are adding more seating, a state of the art kitchen and fresh exterior to the Bellaire pub. Currently Short's Brewery Co. plans on brewing more than 45,000 barrels and bottling over 50 different flavors of beer in 2015.

Even with all the plans to expand the top two Michigan breweries have big barrels to try and fill. Bell's Brewery as the number one Michigan brewer, brewed 318,000 barrels in 2014. That is a lot of hops and mash. With Founders Brewing Co. in the number two spot with 193,356 barrels brewed in 2014. 

Founders Brewing Co. who has recently partnered with Mahou San Miguel a Spanish based company are also currently expanding the production facility in Grand Rapids which will increase their production levels to a capacity of 900,000 barrels.

If Bell's Brewing Co. wants to stay in the number one position they will have to increase their production by at least 700,000 barrels in 2015. That is more than a ton of hops and grain! Best of luck to Bell's Brewing Co., Founders Brewing Co. and Short's Brewing Co. for the 2015 brewing year.

Aimee West

Aimee West

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