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Oskar Blues Wil Take Collaboration To A New Level With Perrin Brewing Company Purchase

Written by  Aimee West
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Oskar Blues, the largest craft beer company in the United States, is purchasing Michigan's Perrin Brewing Company, founded in 2011 in Grand Rapids.
According to Dale Katechis, Oskar Blues' founder, his acquisition strategy is a way of “taking collaborations to the next level,” and he is looking to purchase like-minded breweries in a variety of regional markets.

This strategy worked well for them in North Carolina with the success of opening Oskar Brewing in Brevard. This location “essentially paid for itself in a couple of years as we capitalized on being local in North Carolina – it really drove us to an M&A Strategy” said Dale Katechis. He also felt like “...the gloves are starting to come off out there and I think this will give us a better chance to win. We love opportunity and we hate to see it pass by.”

His goal is purchasing up to six craft breweries all around the country.

With his goal of purchasing up to six craft breweries cross the country, Dale Katechis first expressed interest in Perrin last year. He got a personal look into the company and it's brewing style when, in December of 2014, Oskar Brewing and Perrin created a larger called “Cornlaboration.” The pale lager received mixed reviews.

Perrin started in 2011. It is a sizable brewery compared to most start ups; they brewed 14,000 barrels in 2014, have over 700 taps throughout Michigan and are represented in Grand Rapids at more than 250 locations.

Keith Klopcic from West Side Distributing (he recently sold his shares to his brother Don), will be the new president of Oskar Blues – Perrin. Former owner, Randy Perrin and Jarred Sper (new Vice President of Sales and Marketing) will continue to be involved, along with the current head brewer John Stewart and his team.

They are excited about this buyout and are looking forward to distributing Perrin's popular Grapefruit IPA to a wider audience in cans this summer. Keith Klopcic had this to say about Perrin's Grapefruit IPA, "Grapefruit is a hot flavor right now, and in all honesty, it's because of Perrin."

With distributing contracts in 42 states, parts of Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom we see the possibility of Perrin going global.

Keep your eye on more Oskar Brewing acquisitions in the future and look for your favorite Michigan brew when on vacation, you never know where you might see it.


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Aimee West

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