Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greenbush Begins Bottled Beer Distribution in Michigan

Written by  Paul Starr
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Greenbush Begins Bottled Beer Distribution in Michigan

Five Brands to be Available at Retailers Statewide
The first deliveries of Greenbush Brewing Company bottles are now on the way to retail establishments throughout Michigan. Imperial Beverage, the company’s distributor in the state, received its first shipment of bottled beer from the 18-month old brewery at the end of last week. Until now, the brewery has only distributed kegs for draft accounts.
“We’ve been building toward distributing bottles since opening and now with the dedicated work of our staff, it’s happening,” said Greenbush co-owner Scott Sullivan. “The demand for bottles has continued to grow, especially since we started distributing kegs statewide through Imperial Beverage last summer.”

Greenbush is first entering the retail market with five brands available in either four or six packs: Closure, Dunegräs, Distorter, Anger and Brother Benjamin.

Closure is a 6% ABV pale ale that is single-hopped with citrusy Apollo hops for a bitterness of 40 IBUs (international bittering units). Dunegräs is the brewery’s 6.7% ABV India pale ale (IPA) with 67 IBUs, while Distorter is a full-bodied 7.2% porter. One of Greenbush’s signature styles is its black IPA, Anger, which rates at 7.6% ABV and 85 IBUs. The last of the brands headed to market is Brother Benjamin, a 10.1% ABV/115 IBU imperial IPA with local honey from FloraLia farms in Baroda, MI.

“It was crucial to us to send our most demanded beers out to retail markets first,” said co-owner and “Ambassador of Everything” Jill Sites. “We look forward to adding seasonal beers as well as more staples and specialties in the future.”

Greenbush bottles will be available to customers of select retailers throughout the state beginning midweek.

About Greenbush Brewing Co.

Prior to summer 2011, Scott Sullivan, Justin Heckathorn and Jill Sites handed out more than 9,000 bottles of homebrewed beer to everyone they could think of, and Greenbush Brewing Company was born. Opened in June 2011 in Sawyer, Michigan, the burgeoning brewery creates beer with names like Anger, Closure, Mammoth and Doomslayer—and with nothing under 6% ABV, the monikers are indicative of the styles. The brewery serves beer and food out of its Sawyer taproom seven days a week and currently distributes throughout the state of Michigan, in metro Chicago and Northern Indiana.

Paul Starr

Paul Starr

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