Friday, April 15, 2016

West Michigan Breweries Celebrate April 20th, "420" With Hoppy Beers On Tap

Written by  Dan VanderKooi
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April 20th, also known as “420”, is a day that has been long associated with the celebration of plants of a certain variety that happen to bear a striking resemblance in both taste and smell to hops. So in recent years, several local breweries have decided to shift the focus on this special day to the hoppiest of beer styles; the India Pale Ale or IPA. India Pale Ales historically were hopped heavily as a preservative to keep beer fresh enough to survive long and brutal ocean voyages but now the hoppiest of IPAs have found home on U.S.A.’s West Coast. Many West Michigan breweries have also embraced this love for hops and have chosen to recognize it on this special day.
Hopcat Grand Rapids has been one of the earliest and biggest supporters celebrating “420” as their “Super Dank Fest” and rolling out their hoppiest of beers. This year selections will include local favorites such as Rockford Brewing’s Fuzzy Nugs and Brewery Vivant’s Tree Bucket as well as national favorites including Stone Brewing’s Enjoy by 4/20. Hopcat GR is also doing a giveaway for custom Super Dank Zippo lighters via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Other Michigan Hopcat locations plan on celebrating April, 20 with a variety of special IPA releases for that day as well.

One of the more interesting “420” celebrations this year will be at Whitehall’s Fetch Brewing Co. Fetch is already well regarded for offering hop forward beers including their flagship Distracted Dank Pale Ale. So to take things up one notch, they will be celebrating Wednesday, April 20th as their official “Bring Your Pot to Fetch Day”. In this case, the pot in question is a Crock-Pot. Fetch Brewing will be providing bowls, plates, and utensils for a buffet of Crock-Pot cuisine. Also celebrating this year is Hudsonville’s Pike 51 which will be waiting until Saturday, April 23rd for this year’s “IPA Daze”. This will include the release of their Satisfied Mind Double IPA along with a variety of other hoppy selections and live reggae music accompanied by Caribbean themed food.

Dan VanderKooi

Dan VanderKooi

Dan VK has been following the Michigan Craft Beer scene since before Oberon has been available in 6-packs. Besides making the rounds at all the local craft breweries and beer bars, Dan also supports the local music scene, reads crime fiction, and enjoys playing volleyball with his wife and friends.