Monday, November 21, 2011

Recap of The Send Matt & Rene to India Party

Written by  Barb Starr
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Send Matt and Rene to India Party - Arbor Brewing Company

Last Tuesday we went to Arbor Brewing Company for the Send Matt & Rene To India Party. Here is a little back story on this Matt & Rene are going to India for three months to open a new ABC in India. The idea to help start ABC India started with Gaurav Sikka, a University of Michigan student and frequent patron of ABC. After graduating, he moved back to Bangalore and he contacted the founders with an interest in leading India’s emerging craft brewery movement.

Arbor Brewing Company - Indian-Inspired BrewsAfter a trip to Bangalore the Greff's signed on as consultants and planned to model the brewpub like their original ABC Brewpub in downtown Ann Arbor. As part of their agreement, the Greffs ensured that all pubs opened under the ABC brand meet the same standards for quality, work environment, sustainable business practices, local sourcing, and community involvement that are at the heart of Arbor Brewing Company. At ABC India they will use many of the same recipes that are used here in Michigan. Gaurav plans to release Belgian Blonde, No Parking Pilsner, Michael Faricy’s Stout, and their flagship Sacred Cow IPA which is renamed Raging Elephant IPA for the Indian market.

This event was held in the side bar at ABC Downtown and I have never been in there before it 's a great place to have an event. It is a long narrow room with exposed brick, nice wood floors and a cool tin ceiling that just gives it the artsy brewery feel that I love. It was cool that their interview with a local news station came on the TV there and all of a sudden everyone became silent. After that they started a slide show that showed some of the pictures from their previous trip to India. I must say that there were a ton! It was very cool to see.

This event featured four special Indian-inspired beers such as Garam Masala Pale Ale, Curry Spiced Belgian, ChaiPA & Mango Blonde. I had all four of them and they where all really good. I thought the Curry Spiced Belgian was exceptional. It's a Belgian Golden Ale spiced with curry and cinnamon. I must say that the mount of cinnamon was just right. For me, to much cinnamon can easily over power all the other flavors and all I'm tasting is Arbor Brewing Company | Combo Plate with Tari Waali Murghi and Makkai Nu Shaakcinnamon. With this beer they did a great job of taking two power spices and making it so they are there but not screaming at you and creating a well balance beer.

Since they had the Indian-inspired beer they also offer Indian food. The dishes that they offered where Gobi Manchurian (spicy cauliflower), Tari Waali Murghi (vibrant chicken), Makkai Nu Shaak (sweet corn with chile & legumes), and a Combo Plate (a half portion of Tari Waali Murghi and Makkai Nu Shaak). We both had the Combo Plate and had the Gobi Manchurian which both where really good dishes and paired perfectly with the beers. I can't say I have ever had fried cauliflower before but all the different flavors in it made it exceptional. This event was a blast with tasty food and great beers I can't wait to go to another Arbor Brewing Event.