Saturday, November 03, 2012

Recap of 4th Annual Michigan Brewers Guild Detroit Fall Beer Fest

Written by  Tammie Wahl
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Recap of 4th Annual Michigan Brewers Guild Detroit Fall Beer Fest

This is the fourth year of the Michigan Brewers Guild Detroit Fall Beer Festival and it has been growing bigger and bigger each year. In fact, this festival has grown so much that the Brewers Guild decided to make it a two-day festival! For Paul and me, this was our second time attending this festival. I really love the fact that it is located in the heart of Detroit at the popular Eastern Market. I love the Eastern Market. We try to make it down there whenever we are in the area on a day that it is open. I am glad that the Brewers Guild decided to just extend the festival to two days rather than move it to an alternate location. I really feel that there is no better location within the Detroit City Limits to hold this wonderful festival.
Since the festival was two days this year, Paul and I decided to attend both days. We rolled into the festival a little late on Friday night but the energy was already electric. This is the only festival where it is getting dark half way through, and it reminded me of a really great Halloween Party. Several people were dressed in their Halloween costumes and a lot of the breweries spruced up their booths to give them a Halloween theme. The fact that the festival went well past when it got dark out didn't seem to phase anyone. At one point one of the tents lost power and everyone just cheered and business went on as usual. Saturday started out cold, overcast, and windy. Once the sun came out and it warmed up the wind didn't seem so bad. The Tigers were playing their first World Series home game later that day so on top of all the people dressed up for Halloween, there were also several people decked out in head to toe Tigers apparel. It was nice to see and feel the pride we take in our Detroit teams.

There were a few breweries that really kicked it up a notch with the Hallowen theme. Dark Horse always brings their best game when it comes to their booth. Even with the limited space, it didn't seem to hinder them. They brought in a projector and a screen and showed classic horror movies throughout the festival. There were several booths that really took pumpkin carving to a whole new level. There was everything from a pumpkin drinking a beer, to a Tigers logo, to a giant hop flower. The pumpkins were my favorite part of checking out the booths. Jolly Pumpkin decked out their booth with various Halloween decorations that really went well with their already Halloweenish logo.

Paul and I absolutely love Oktoberfest, Pumpkin, and Harest Ales. We love this festival because everyone has their fall beers and it gives us a chance to sample them all. Greenbush is one brewery that we have had our eye on for a while. They have really been blowing up over the past year and it was very apparant at this festival. They always had a line that was almost as long as some of the power players like Short's and Bells. They also brought a ridiculous selection of beers--I think they may have had the most out of all of the breweries there. People seem to have really jumped on the Greenbush wagon and we can't blame them. Their beer is fantastic! The standout beer for me at this festival was the Dirty Bird by Short's Brewing Company. This beer is a Brown IPA that is aged in burbon barrels. The reason I loved this beer was because the sweetness of the brown balanced out the burbon flavor very well. Most burbon barrell beers punch you in the face with their booziness. This beer only slaps you with booziness which is a refreshing change for a burbon barrel beer.

Detroit Fall Beer Fest is one of my favorite Brewers Guild festival because the location is fantastic and it is not as crowded as the summer fest and it isn't as cold as the winter festival. It also showcases some of my favorite styles of beer. If you have attended the bigger Brewers Guild Festivals in the past and want to hit up a more laid back one, this is a great one. The Brewers Guild puts on some of the best festivals and the Detroit Fall Beer Festival is smaller in size, less crowded and features amazing Michigan beers!