Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recap of 2011 U.P. Fall Beer Festival

Written by  Tammie Wahl
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Dragonmead Microbrewery at 2011 U.P. Fall Beer Festival in Marquette Michigan

We discovered this event a couple months ago when we started planning our trip to Michigans Upper Peninsula to visit every brewery they have to offer. We immediately decided to plan our trip around this festival. As soon as we started telling some of our brewer friends we were going to this festival they all raved about it. Needless to say we were super excited to check it out.

I2011 U.P.  Fall Beer Festival think one of the reasons this festival is so wonderful is the city where it takes place. It is held at a park right on the water in Marquette, Michigan. We have never been to a beer festival with a better backdrop. Marquette is a wonderful artsy college town. They support 2 of their very own brewerys (one of which has some of the best ravioli I have ever had). Marquette did a great job hosting all the beer enthusiests that poured into town for this event. As we were driving into town one of the hotels even had “Welcome Brewers” on their sign out front!

This is a smaller festival only hosting just under 30 breweries but the great thing about it is that some of the breweries located in the U.P. Are able to make it to this festival because it is easier for them than trying to make the sometimes 9+ hour haul down to Ypsilanti or Grand Rapids. Due to the size of the festival the atomosphere is more relaxed and you dont have the super long lines at the more popular booths. You will also catch a lot more of the brewers and brewery owners out and about checking out other booths as well. This usually doesnt happen at the bigger festivals because they are simply too busy to get away from their own booths to sample beers from some of their friends breweries.

If you ever have a chance to check out The Michigan Brewers Guilds U.P. Fall Beer Festival I highly recommend you go. It is a lot more intimate than any other festivals and you couldnt ask for a better location than beautiful Marquette, Mi.

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