Wednesday, October 07, 2015

B.O.B.’s Brewery and Atwater collaborate for ArtPrize’s Michigunder

Written by  Dan VanderKooi
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This year’s ArtPrize is taking place from September 23rd until October 11th on downtown Grand Rapids and B.O.B.’s Brewery has collaborated with Detroit’s own Atwater Brewery for a special release of the Michigunder Dortmunder Lager. A tapping event was held at Containment outside the B.O.B. which featured a brewer meet & greet, art unveiling, and DJ. The label design for the beer was designed by Ypsilanti artist Morgaine Fambrough and $1 from every pint sold as well all as 100% of merchandise sales benefit the organization ACT - Artists Creating Together.
The B.O.B.’s Containment bar which bills itself as the original “social network” is created from reclaimed materials and was itself an ArtPrize exhibit first created in 2011. The bar also featured on tap B.O.B.’s Brewery Oktoberfest as well as additional selections from Atwater and Founders including their official ArtPrize beer Spectra Trifecta lemongrass, ginger, and chamomile Kolsch. The Michigunder Dortmunder Ale is also available at the Detroit Atwater Brewery as well as multiple ArtPrize locations throughout Grand Rapids.

Artist Creating Together is an organization dedicated to providing creative opportunities to benefit people with disabilities in West Michigan. The Michigunder exhibit can be voted for at ArtPrize by voting 61612. Atwater’s collaboration with B.O.B.’s Brewery for ArtPrize is not all they have planned for Grand Rapids as the brewery has recently announced that they will be expanding into Grand Rapids with a new biergarten and taproom to be located downtown on Michigan St NW. More details coming soon!


Dan VanderKooi

Dan VanderKooi

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