Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Holland Artisan Spirits Unveils Custom Bottle Design and New Labels

Written by  Paul Starr
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new holland spirts 2017

New Holland Artisan Spirits, a veteran in the craft spirits category, unveils new packaging for their family of brands. The new look features a custom bottle design, custom cap color, and cohesive labeling supporting the complete New Holland Artisan spirits portfolio, including Beer Barrel Bourbon and Knickerbocker Gin.
“As we enter our 12th year in the craft distilling business, we are more confident than ever in the quality of our liquid,” said Brad Kamphuis, Director of Distilling Operations. “It was time for the packaging to reflect our confidence and the fact that we’ve really grown up as a distillery. These brands deserve to really shine on shelves and in home bars.”

The new packaging (see below images) includes sweeping changes, centered around three key enhancements:

Custom Bottle

  • The proprietary bottle, designed in partnership with O-I Glass, mirrors the New Holland still, a prohibition-era still originally used to distill Applejack in 1934.
  • The bottle showcases complimentary designs, a sharp shoulder and clean base for traditionally clear spirits and a broader, rounder shoulder and trophy base for brown spirits.
  • The bottle glass is embossed with pieces of New Holland’s heritage including a nod to the windmill and 2005, our inaugural year.

Label Design

  • The end result of partnering with Flow Design and Wind Walker Packaging Solutions, the new labels maintain the unique qualities and design of each product’s current brand, but brings them together into a cohesive family design.
  • A custom ink color, a pearlized rose gold, completes the label bottom and matches the cap – allowing for quick reference of all New Holland spirits on store shelves.


  • The new bottle shape is bar-friendly with it’s ergonomic neck, rail-fitting size, and ability to fit a standard pourer.
  • “We are so proud of our distilling heritage,” stated Rich Blair, Director of Sales & Marketing for Spirits. He continued, “That’s the best part of this new packaging. We aren’t losing any of the distinctive characteristics that make our spirits special – we just wanted to place them on a canvas worthy of the liquid they represent.”

New Holland has already updated to a bottling line system and is bottling in new package. Product in the new package begins shipping in late January and will be phased rollout, with all brands shifted to the new look by Summer.

Paul Starr

Paul Starr

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