Thursday, March 01, 2012

Interview with Dave Engbers from Founders Brewing Company

Written by  Ryan Ranspach
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Interview with Dave Engbers from Founders Brewing Company

This is the first in a series of interviews we did at the Michigan Brewer's Guild Winter Beer Festival in Grand Rapids.
Early in the day we caught up with Dave Engbers, Vice President and Marketing Director of Founders Brewing Company. Founders is always one of the big players at this event both because they are located right in downtown Grand Rapids and because they have emerged as one of the highest quality, most consistent craft brewing operations in the entire Midwest. Mike and Dave have been able to achieve this through aggressive marketing, a series of facility expansions, and by having a true passion for their craft & not embracing complacency in their success.

At this year's festival they were pouring their usual lineup of stand-bys as well as holding hourly tappings of their different specialty beers like KBS, Blushing Monk, etc. The mood in their tent was warm and exciting throughout the day, just as it is whenever you visit their brewpub dowtown. The people at Founders are always friendly and welcoming, and they work hard to embrace the laid-back, family oriented nature that their business should embody. You can certainly tell this by listening to Dave speak, and if you visit their website and click on "Founders Family", you'll see that everyone from the CEO to the janitor has a profile picture, and that they are all smiling! During our interview, a couple of bright-eyed beer hounds wandered on screen and Dave was ready and willing to share the mic and welcome them to the tent.

Founders is a Sermon on the Mount to the tremendous growth in the Michigan craft beer culture. They have a fiercely loyal following, have received numerous awards & accolades for their beer, and yet they continue to grow and advocate both for their industry and for consumer awareness & education.

It was a great start to the day tracking Dave down for a few minutes!