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frankfort beer week

Stormcloud Brewing Company is celebrating Frankfort Beer Week with style. Paul Starr from I'm a Beer Hound is going to be coordinating all the tastings during Frankford Beer Week. This is a fabulous event for foodies and non foodies alike. Frankfort Beer week runs from October 6 until October 11th. Events all start at 6:30 and cost $20/person with 8oz pours. 
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CMU Building
Central Michigan University’s College of Science and Technology is tapping into the art of brewing and is working to create a certificate program in fermentation science.
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brown ale photo

As with most standard American styles, Brown Ale was born in Europe. The earliest English Ales were brown in color, using “brown” malt – base malt that had been kilned over a hardwood fire. These early beers were prized for their smokiness and dark color, and the first reference to brown ales was in 1750, by way of Partigyle Brewing.
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3 Stout image

There's something different about sitting down with a stout. Maybe it's the pitch black that lingers to the drops in your empty glass, the wide range of browns that may appear in the head, or the general consistency of the style, even when brewed in it's varying forms.
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1 all day IPA2

India Pale Ales have taken the craft beer scene by storm over the recent years, with brewers pushing the boundaries of the style and creating unique takes and twists on this classic style. It's become a staple in every brewery and pub in the nation, which only encourages creativity amongst brewers who are trying to help theirs stand out. IPA is a very large topic, so we'll take it a piece at a time, starting with its beginnings.
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Saugatuck Brewing Company

Saugatuck Brewing Company will again be hosting a series of tasting events designed to educate the craft beer community. They will be held on the last Thursdays of Jan, Feb, March and April at 7 PM and will be hosted by SBC Sales Manager Scott Farney and brewers John Stewart and Dexter Gauntlett.
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