Griffin Claw Brewing Company, Birmingham’s newest taproom, biergarten, brewing and distributing facility, has officially added house made vodka and gin to its expanding drink menu.
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 Griffin Claw Brewing Company opens with award-winning brews

Award-winning brews like the White Cap Wit or Red Rock Flanders Red may not be familiar to everyone, but they certainly have a well deserved reputation among festival goers and Birmingham-area brewery visitors. At the new Griffin Claw Brewing Company, brewmaster Dan Rogers (who has previously brewed alongside both Pierre Celis and Joe Short,) now has the opportunity to take these and other brews previously perfected in pub size batches at the Big Rock Chophouse to a whole new level.
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Coming Soon Griffin Claw Brewing Company

Two blocks south of the Big Rock Chop House in Birmingham, a glorious 12,000 square foot glass-enclosed structure is arising, though not from the ashes like the mythical phoenix. This new edifice will soon house the entirely unmythical Griffin Claw Brewing Company, the new home of Big Rock’s former brewing operation. Recently, owners Norm & Bonnie LePage and well-known and oft-awarded brewer Dan Rogers hosted a tour of the nascent facility, and it was truly inspiring.
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Griffin Claw Brewing Comapny

Construction is underway on Griffin Claw Brewing Company, the new home for Big Rock Chophouse's award-winning beer and its Brewmaster, Dan Rogers. Join us on Monday, February 11, 2013 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  at The Reserve for our fourth monthly beer tasting series with Dan.  Hear more about the progress of Griffin Claw Brewing Companyand our countdown until opening.
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