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Motor City Brew Tours started the bike season off with a bang in May with their annual Cruisin’ for the Trail bike ride where they had record attendance of 600 people and was able to donate $6,600 to the Friends of the Paint Creek Trail.
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With snow everywhere and a temperatures getting into the negative 20's it is hard to think about getting on your bike and enjoying a ride along the Clinton River Trail and Paint Creek Trail in Rochester, May 2, 2015.
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Clubhouse BFD

Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills is a truly a mighty bastion of craft beer. The “BFD” stands for “beer, food, drink”, and while that might seem a little redundant, the beer part of the acronym rightly does deserve its own recognition at the Clubhouse. The business is owned by Scott LePage, whose father you may know as the owner of Big Rock Chop House and the forthcoming Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham, so there’s definitely a pedigree of success and beer knowledge in play here.