Friday, March 01, 2013

Art and Craft Beer Fest Recap

Written by  Ryan Ranspach
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The 2013 Art and Craft BeerFest

Lansing's first ever Art and Craft Beer Fest at the Art Alley building in REO Town was a huge success, and we want to thank everyone involved. From everyone who purchased tickets to Roxaanne, Craig, and Jack from the REO Town Pub, from the volunteers to the bands and artists, and all the breweries and their representatives--this was truly a great night and could not have been pulled off without everyone's support.
From the time the doors opened at 5:00, the event was pretty much a full house all night. As the beer poured freely, Biddle City BandGreg Robertson &  The Tia Imani Hanna entertained everyone throughout the night while Fork in the Road Artisan Diner served some of their delicious fare. I was personally stationed at the Frankenmuth Brewery's stand and helped pour their beer. One of the highlights on tap for them was their limited-release Harvest Ale, an American IPA that while being very hoppy on the nose is remarkably smooth and drinkable. The hops for this beer were harvested, cleaned and added to the beer all in the same day. It was fun to sample some of this and to catch up with Tammy, one of their marketing directors, on what was new with the brewery. Included in their plans for the year is the canning of a few of their beers, so you will soon be able to enjoy Frankenmuth's tasty brews out on the water or at the golf course.

Some other beer highlights (for me) of the night were Cheboygan Brewing Company's Winter Marzen and Brewery Vivant's "Tart Side of the Moon" sour stout. The marzen was a classic German style brown--malty, nutty, rich, and a dark copper color. Excellent take on this classic and ancient style of beer. Vivant's sour stout was just that, a dark and complex sour beer that was as delicious as it was strange. It was really cool, and I heard many people mention this, that there were so many beers to choose from. In addition to a few stranger, more daring beers (like Arcadia's limited edition smoked beer), there were really beers there for all palates. I overheard several conversations of folks that sounded new to craft beer and really enjoyed themselves, so it was great the event accommodated everyone. In addition to the beer, hard cider from Uncle John's Cider Mill was also available. 

Overall, the event turned out fatntastic and we look forward to hosting many more of its kind in the months and years ahead. Again, on behalf of everyone at Beer Hound Headquarters, thank you for your time and support. Keep Howling!