Friday, October 24, 2014

Pure MichiCan is happening at the Tin Can!

Written by  Aimee West
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The Tin Can has grown by leaps and bounds in the Lansing area. This is largely due to the fact that many of the micro breweries have started canning their beers. Beverage/ Marketing Manager Stacey Fedewa had this to say, “We have always tried to support the local economy by featuring local products such as our faygo bombs. (Faygo bomb = Flavored Vodkas mixed with Faygo pop made in MI) As far as beers we have carried Keweenaw Brewing company since day one. They were the only micro brew from Michigan to can their product. Now we feature a variety of micro brews from: Bell's Brewery, Blackrock's Brewery, Brewery Vivant, Frankenmuth Brewing Co., Keweenaw Brewing Co., Vander Mill Cider, Uncle John's Cider, Right Brain Brewery, Griffin Claw Brewing Co., Atwater Brewery, and many more.” All of those are great choices in a state filled with excellent craft beer.
The Tin Can has one major hurdle and breweries that can have faced similar issues. This hurdle is the fact that the Tin Can keeps encountering the myth that canned beers are inferior to those in bottles. Stacey Fedewa had this to say about cans “ We at the Tin can love cans for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that they can go anywhere, on the golf course, or on the beach and with the great lakes surrounding us that's an important factor! The second reason we love cans is because of the fact that they are more friendly to the environment from the amount of recycled product put back into the can. As well as the fact that it's lighter than bottles, and more durable for shipping, this in turn equates to less trips for deliveries!” We understand what you are saying Stacey and we want to dispel a few of these myths.
Kate Avery from Brewery Vivant said this best, “These are not the same cans from the 70's, the liners and quality behind them are so much better.” The original cans weighed up to 3oz and had no liner, the cans of today weigh as little as half an ounce and have proprietary liners to keep the item fresh.

The next biggest issue with beer flavor and quality is light and air. Glass, even dark colored glass does not keep out all light or air from their product. Whereas cans keep out all light and air from a beverage until it is opened and ready for consumption. Aluminum cans also do not rust or break unlike glass bottles. Have you ever received a new bottle of beer and saw a rusted cap on the top? That will not happen with cans, ever.

Not only is Brewery Vivant all about making great beer but they also want to be able to make great, affordable beer for a long time. They also base business decisions on the Triple Bottom Line or the three P's: People, Planet and Profit. Using cans is good for many reasons. Not only do cans keep the flavor better, recycling and shipping are both easier and cheaper, which results in less cost for the consumer. More importantly, have you ever reached into a tub of water and ice and pulled out a bottle with no label? Now you have no idea what type of beer it is. For me that is an Epic Fail!

This is why the Tin Can is such a great local bar, they have always tried to feature “Pure MichiCan” made products. Now that canning is seen as a more acceptable alternative to glass we are excited to see more micro breweries can. With more breweries canning the Tin Can now offers over forty Michigan made beers in their coolers.

We are excited to see that not only has the Tin Can added more beers to there coolers but now you can enjoy the Tin Can experience in a new location. Set to open sometime this winter is a new Tin Can in Grand Rapids. Where they will not only showcase their great selection of Michigan beers but also craft beers from around the country. Tin Can Grand Rapids will have an even greater selection  of over 100 beers, 50 of them being from the mitten!

The next time you are enjoying a beer at Tin Can Lansing, Tin Can DeWitt, Tin Can West or the soon to be open Tin Can Grand Rapids, I want you to open up that can of beer, close your eyes and taste it. Feel as the complex flavors, pop and roll on your tongue. You are tasting the beer exactly as the brewer intended without any interference from light or air.

Aimee West

Aimee West

Is new to the craft beer scene but always willing and wanting to learn more.