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The Beer Grotto Will Be Opening A New Location In Ann Arbor January 16

Written by  Aimee West
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The Beer grotto ann arbor

Now you can 'Taste It. Love It Tote It' at the new The Beer Grotto location in Ann Arbor on January 16, starting at 11:00 am.
They have been ready for the past month, they have just had to wait for their liquor license to come through. Once they received the license they were ready to set the date.

Lisa Manno, director of operations and managing partner for The Beer Grotto, had this to say about the Ann Arbor location. “I think this concept will be really, really well received in Ann Arbor. This is the number four largest craft beer city in the nation.”

With a third location opening up in the Stadium District area of Lansing in the next few weeks and the original location in Dexter still going strong.

“The fact that we’re bringing the best craft beers under one roof is huge,” said Lisa Manno.

The Beer Grotto has 36 craft beers on tap, they are taking advantage of the huge craft beer boom happening in Michigan. With the 'Taste it. Love It. Take It' motto you can either enjoy your pint on site with friends or take it to go in a growler.

“One of our big focuses is retail. Grabbing something that you really like and taking home or to a tailgate,” VanAtta said. “Or just going home to sit on your couch, it doesn’t matter.”

I love that idea as someone who is new to craft beer I don't always want to buy a six pack just to be stuck with something that I don't like.

With just enough room for around 80 people including a small upstairs area that is available for small groups. This will be an intimate area to enjoy a local craft beer with friends. A large outside patio area that faces onto Ashley Street will almost double the space available once Spring comes.

Manno had this to say about the patio space, “We’re really excited for the patio space once we’re able to open that, we’ll probably have seating for about 50 people outside. It will be a great asset for this area.”

The big advantage that The Beer Grotto has over other bars in the area is their self proclaimed “beer geeks or “cork dorks.” They are incredibly knowledgeable about craft beer and are well educated in helping customers pick out what they might like from just asking a few questions on taste and other beers they have tried and liked.

Personally, I can say they are really great about answering questions and helping you pick a beer that you will like. No question is too crazy, they seriously just want to help you find something that you will like. With a variety of 36 beers on tap you will be able to find something that you enjoy. The Beer Grotto mainly focuses on Michigan beers but they also offer a variety of beers from across the country for you to try.

Just like Lisa said, “They’re really excited to teach people new things about new beers if they’re willing to learn.”

When you first walk up to the bar take a long look at the beer list, you are able to taste 2 sample sized beers in order for you locate what you would enjoy in a pint.

When you are traveling if you come across a beer that you enjoy, let The Beer Grotto know. If the beer is able to be sold in Michigan you might be able to find it on tap at your local Beer Grotto.

“Some craft beer laws are different in different states so they simply do not export out of the state so there are some beers we can’t get,” Lisa said. “But anything we can get our hands on, if people want it to be carried, we will carry it.”

With the Ann Arbor location they really want to focus on brewers from the Ann Arbor area such as Jolly Pumpkin and Arbor Brewing Company who have been great supports of the “Try It. Take It. Buy It.' idea. “They’re really close partners of us and we absolutely want to shed even more light on them,” Lisa said.

Just like the Dexter location there is not a kitchen on site. You are welcome to bring in local food to enjoy with your pint of beer.

The Beer Grotto will be open from noon to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, noon to 2 a.m. on Thursday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m on Friday and Saturday.

Hope to see you at the Ann Arbor Grand Opening this Thursday starting at 11 a.m.



Aimee West

Aimee West

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