Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stormcloud Brewing, The First Brewery to Open In Frankfort

Written by  Kristie Ryder
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 Stormcloud Brewing, The First to Open In Frankfort

Frankfort acquired it’s first microbrewery this summer with the opening of Stormcloud Brewing Company.  Located on the main drag in downtown Frankfort, Stormcloud is an easy find for those on the lookout, or for those just passing by.  With a large inviting patio, and a vast open inside space, it’s not hard to find a chair to relax and enjoy a few cold microbrews. Bellying up to the bar put’s you in front of the days beer menu that is neatly scrawled on the blackboard wall behind the taps.
For anyone of your companions visiting Stormcloud that’s not so savvy on microbrews, and offering of local ciders, meads and wine, as well as non-alcoholic beverages rounds out the drink menu. On the day I visited Stormcloud there were 9 brews on tap including everything from a 5% Blonde to a 10% Belgian Golden Strong, an Amber Ale, Black IPA, a Porter and a Triple Belgian. Also available were 3 locally made wines, 2 meads, Ginger and a Raspberry, and a Hard Apple cider. Brews are available by the pint, per 12 oz pour, or for those looking for a taste of all things good, by 4oz tasting.

If your day in Frankfort has you looking for a quick bite with your brew, a simple menu of flatbread pizzas, soups, salads and sandwiches is available, as is an always changing food feature of the day.  Visiting Stormcloud Brewing Co. can easily be made into a day trip with downtown shopping, the Frankfort pier and Lake Michigan just a few blocks away.  A bit out of the way, but well worth the scenic drive to Frankfort.

Kristie Ryder

Kristie Ryder

Most people just call me Ryder.  I used to be the girl who drank cheap beer.  You know, whatever you could get a 24 pack of for under $12.  All that changed while bartending my way through my second Bachelors degree.  Now my boyfriend calls me "beer snob" because I only drink the good stuff (and PBR, I still love PBR!!) I picked up the hobby of homebrewing in early 2012 and have made it to the "experimenting" stage.  Not bad, not bad at all....although there was that one batch...oh never mind!  I just love beer!