Monday, February 23, 2015

Rupert’s Brew House Is The Place To Be When The Weather Is Cold

Written by  Allyson Putt
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 enjoy relaxing at rupert brew house

It’s winter in Michigan, which means the only real thing to do is drink beer and eat food. In keeping with such expectations, I hit the road down south (45 minutes south) to Kalamazoo to check out some local breweries on a recent Tuesday.
Rupert’s Brew House is located just off Main Street in Kalamazoo, MI. It has a hole-in-the-wall vibe created by dim natural afternoon light that filters in through windows that line both walls. It’s cozy. On one side, an exposed brick wall hosts a fireplace. On the other side, deep burgundy walls and draped fabrics add texture and warmth.

The most notable decoration in this place, however, is a mastiff great dane named Captn Stooby. He makes his presence known by calmly greeting all comers and then settling back in by the fireplace. He also makes his appearance in the brewery logo and in various beer names. In business for slightly over a year, Rupert’s focuses on beer production over food. There is a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) policy, though there are some salty snacks available in house.

Rupert’s has live music six days a week. In particular, Tuesday nights are Jazz Jam nights, Wednesday nights are open mike, and on Thursdays, all pints are $3.50. They also boast a new line of house-made liquors.

In order to get a real grasp of what Rupert’s has to offer, I just decided to try it all.

It quickly became apparent as customers came in throughout the afternoon that the Peanut Butter Stout was a house staple. I have to admit, I was quite partial myself. This beer led with a peanut butter scent. It was sweet while being lighter in body. Malts contributed to the flavor by providing a platform but were not too over-poweringly roasty.

I found myself liking the Double High IPA. A well-rounded IPA with piney and citrus hops, the Double High was also rich in sweetness with an almost syrupy texture. With a clear golden color, it’s also pretty to look at.

Remember how I said that Captn Stooby showed in many different places in Rupert’s? He also has a beer named after him. The Mastiff Drool Stout is a solid choice for a cold day. The nose is predominantly chocolatey with a light body and slightly smoky malts.

Finally, the M-43 Porter was definitely the sweetest beer I had at Rupert’s. There was a good roasty- chocolatey flavor paired with a lighter body.

My visit was punctuated by a great conversation with my bartender, Anna. Her enthusiasm for the brewery made it easy to relax and enjoy a beer. Between the embracing atmosphere and the tasty beverages, Rupert’s Brew House is a must-stop in Kalamazoo.

Beer to try: the Multigrain Mutt. It was perhaps the most sessionable beer that I had. It gets its name from the oats and rye with which it is made. There was a light dried fruit flavor supported by a backbone of rye, all surrounded by a delicious creamy, smooth mouthfeel.

Allyson Putt

Allyson Putt

Allyson came to beer by way of food- she has worked for Brewery Vivant since opening day in 2010. She has always enjoyed writing and pairing together her loves for beer and writing only made sense. When she's not spending her time at local breweries, she's probably running.

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