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Kuhnhenn Brewing Company: A Nondescript Building That Belies The Liquid Treasures Hidden Inside

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company in Warren is housed in a nondescript building that belies the liquid treasures hidden inside. There are reasons for the unpretentious, plain façade, of course. Number 1 is that Kuhnhenn is housed in the old Ma & Pa hardware store that used to be owned and run by the Kuhnhenn family, and Ye Olde True Value has never been known for its architectural splendor. Number 2? Well, they really don’t care about glitz and glamour, preferring instead to let their beer (and wine, and mead) do the talking for them. Their beers have won numerous medals and awards around the globe, led by their stalwarts 4th Dementia (ale aged in bourbon barrels) and DRIPA (a double rice IPA).
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