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Cranker’s started as a family-owned chain of Coney Island themed restaurants in Mount Pleasant, Big Rapids, and Grand Rapids. The Big Rapids location expanded two years ago to include a separate brewery and production facility connected to the 24/7 dining location. After seeing sales at this location increase many times over, the Grand Rapids location was next to expand in May 2013 by adding a nano-sized brewing system also allowing them to serve and sell beer from the larger facility in Big Rapids. Plans are now in the works for the Mount Pleasant location to soon be able to offer the award-winning Cranker’s beers as well.
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Cranker's Brewery claimed two medals at the prestigious US Beer Tasting Championships (USBTC) competition. The USBTC is a multi-stage competition where a series of field trials take place from six different regions of the country: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic/Southeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountain/Southwest, Northwest/Pacific, and California. The field trials first determine regional winners in each category. The top beers are then pitted against each other in order to name a National Grand Champion.
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 Cranker’s Brewery celebrates one year of beer and expands into Grand Rapids

Billed as an “eclectic eatery,” Cranker’s Coney Island’s menu features an impressive array of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert food, but is now well known for their beers as well. In fact, the Big Rapids location recently celebrated their one year anniversary as a brewery. Having seen sales quadruple at this location, Cranker’s has now begun expanding the brewing component to it’s other locations and the “Beer City” Grand Rapids location is the first to get the makeover.
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