Friday, September 27, 2013

Grand Opening of The Workshop, Traverse City’s Newest Microbrewery

Written by  Kristie Ryder
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 Grand Opening of The Workshop Traverse City's Newest Microbrewery

The Workshop Brewery held its Grand Opening celebration to introduce itself as the newest microbrewery in Traverse City. Located in the Warehouse district, The Workshop has created a vibe of its own by remodeling the space formerly occupied by Right Brain Brewery and Salon Saloon. Gone is the wall that once separated the two previous businesses,  allowing for more useable space and providing a brighter more open feel. Couple that with the vivid color of red on the exterior and interior walls, and you have an energy that is comfortable and relaxing.  Seasonal access to the patio has been made easier with a roll up style garage door, and numerous outside tables have been added that provide a street side view of the hustle and bustle, some fresh air and sunshine.
By their grand opening, the Workshop had on tap their seven flagship brews, providing an all around variety of something for everyone. A light bodied Blonde Ale, English style IPA, medium bodied ESB, dark Porter and a dry, aromatic Farmhouse Saison, along with a honey Stock Ale and a Belgian wheat Biere Blanche to round out the menu. Prices range from $3 for a small pour to $5 for a large pour.  The $3 pour is a perfect way to sample any one of the brews, while the $5 large pour is available for those who are ready to commit.  Food is also served in the brewery with a menu consisting of snacks, one hander sandwiches, salads, sides and a few tasty items on the kids menu, all using locally grown or produced products. And no, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the pasta and cheese, peanut butter and blueberry preserves, or whole grain pizza from the kids menu.

A good introduction of The Workshop Brewery to Traverse City as the grand opening proved to be a huge success with patrons lining the bar, patio, and tables. Keep an eye out for good things to come, now that their main stay beers have been released. Expect new arrivals soon. At the time of this article I hear a pumpkin beer was in the process of brewing.  Just in time for fall.

Kristie Ryder

Kristie Ryder

Most people just call me Ryder.  I used to be the girl who drank cheap beer.  You know, whatever you could get a 24 pack of for under $12.  All that changed while bartending my way through my second Bachelors degree.  Now my boyfriend calls me "beer snob" because I only drink the good stuff (and PBR, I still love PBR!!) I picked up the hobby of homebrewing in early 2012 and have made it to the "experimenting" stage.  Not bad, not bad at all....although there was that one batch...oh never mind!  I just love beer!