Monday, November 24, 2014

Trail Point Brewing Co. to locate on Lake Michigan Drive in Allendale.

Written by  Dan VanderKooi
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Trail Point Brewing Co. has announced plans to open as the first brewery in Allendale, MI. The lease had been signed for a prime location at 6034 Lake Michigan Drive next to Sam’s Tacos on the corner of 60th Avenue. The name “trail point” reflects the history of Allendale and Lake Michigan Drive as a key historic route leading from the Grand River in the heart of Grand Rapids leading west to the shore of Lake Michigan. As far as the brewing community goes, Trail Point should serve as a key spot on the brew map serving as a gateway location between Beer City proper and the emerging Lakeshore brewery scene.
The signing of the building lease represents a key moment for brewery partner and Allendale resident Gary Evans who has been keeping an eye out for an ideal spot to open for the past 2 years. An avid homebrewer, Gary has been an active member of the Muskegon Ottawa Brewers (MOB) in recent years and even hosted the 2013 Learn To Homebrew day at his Allendale residence. Other MOB members have been active with and established breweries such as Muskegon’s Unruly Brewing and Pigeon Hill in the past year. Gary Evans is partnering with Jeffery Knoblock and son Greg Evans as co-owners of Trail Point, each bringing their own unique skills to the brewery from management to technology and brewing know-how.

Trail Point Brewing is in the process of renovating the building, formerly a pawn shop and banquet hall, for installation of a 7-barrel system for the starting brew house and 6-8 taps for the initial beer lineup with anticipated recipes ranging from a lighter Cream Ale to a darker Porter and/or Stout as well as multiple IPAs and hop-forward beers to compliment. The brewery will be food-friendly with plenty of options nearby including Sam’s Tacos as well as pizza, Chinese and a nearby 24-hour Grand Coney diner. Staff will include certified cicerones, and a mug club and beer garden are planned as well. No target opening date has been set so keep an eye on I’m a Beer Hound for the latest news and a possible sneak preview as the work on the brewery continues.

Dan VanderKooi

Dan VanderKooi

Dan VK has been following the Michigan Craft Beer scene since before Oberon has been available in 6-packs. Besides making the rounds at all the local craft breweries and beer bars, Dan also supports the local music scene, reads crime fiction, and enjoys playing volleyball with his wife and friends.