Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Holland’s Barleywine, Pilgrim’s Dole, is Three-peat at United States Beer Tasting Championship

Written by  Paul Starr
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For the third year in a row, Pilgrim’s Dole – a limited release wheatwine by New Holland Brewing Company – won the National Grand Champion award in the Barleywine category. The award-winning brew is set for its 2014 release in early June.
2014 National Grand Champions and Regional Champions were announced in the spring by the United States Beer Tasting Championship Committee.

“We have never had a beer, yet alone a three-time National Grand Champion, garner so many unanimous votes from thejudges,” says Richard Brooke, Master Taster and Regional Coordinator for United States Beer Tasting Championship (Midwest & Rockies). “There is never any argument Pilgrim’s Dole wins and rightfully so.”

New Holland President and Co-Founder Brett VanderKamp adds, “Barleywines are still a bit of a mystery to many beer drinkers, but Pilgrim’s Dole is one of those beers that just blows people away. While it is a heavy hitter in some ways, overall balance really allows subtle nuances in Pilgrim’s Dole to shine and still appeal to a broad audience.”

The USBTC takes a unique approach in that its competition is held in multiple stages. Sequential field trials are conducted wherein judges evaluate beers and select the best to advance to subsequent rounds. This allows beers to be judged in relatively small flights while ensuring that the best beers are still determined through head-to-head competition.

“Pilgrim’s Dole is close to everyone’s heart around the brewery,” says Fred Bueltmann, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at New Holland. “It has depth of flavor that bridges beautifully to many foods, making it a favorite amongst chefs and an amazing “food beer.” It’s rewarding to see it do so well in a blind competition with the integrity of the US Beer Tasting Championship.”

The barleywine field is becoming more popular, with nearly 500 entrants trying to dethrone Pilgrim’s Dole, which has been part of New Holland’s line up since 2003. The barleywine style is made with 50% wheat malt. Pilgrim’s Dole blends warming and slightly sweet flavors with a unique caramel flavor and tops out at 11.8% ABV – making it a beer worth sipping and enjoying the moment.

Pilgrim’s Dole has been busy. Besides its unprecedented three-peat in the USBTC, Pilgrim’s Dole has also received lots of attention from other highly-regarded blind competitions. In April it was awarded a bronze medal for old ale/strong ale at the World Beer Cup, hosted by the Brewer’s Association, often considered the Olympics of beer competitions. Last October it received a gold medal in the same category at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival.

Pilgrim’s Dole will hit shelves in June and can be located using New Holland’s Beer & Spirits Finder HERE

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New Holland Brewing Company’s deep roots in the craft industry go back to 1997. Our role as an integral member of the artisan approach is something we take seriously, yet engage lightheartedly. We believe the art of craft lives in fostering rich experiences for our customers, through creating authentic beer, spirits and food while providing great service. Recognized for our creativity and artistry, our mission to improve the lives of craft consumers everywhere is seen in our diverse, balanced collection of beer and spirits.

Paul Starr

Paul Starr

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