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Grand Rapids Area Breweries Create Tree-Themed Beer In Support Of Community Parks And The Urban Forest

Written by  Paul Starr
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For the second year in a row, over twenty Grand Rapids area breweries are teaming up with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks to raise money for their Urban Forest Project, an initiative to maximize the tree canopy in all parts of the city.
Starting on Friday, August 29, patrons can stop into any Grand Rapids area brewery* as well as local brewpubs The Meanwhile Bar, Green Well, and Big Bob's Pizza to order a tree inspired beer, where a portion of the sales will go toward The Brewers Grove Fund.

The money collected from each tree-themed beer will support tree plantings and expand The Brewers Grove concept started at Riverside Park last fall, where brewers planted 30 trees with the money raised.

“The Brewers Grove Project is uniquely Grand Rapids,” says Steve Faber of Friends of Grand Rapids Parks. “Our community is known for great craft beer and also as a leader in Urban Forest issues nationally.” Friends of Grand Rapids Parks was the recipient of the 2013 “Excellence in Urban Forest Leadership Award” from the Arbor Day Foundation.

A kickoff party is planned at Harmony Brewing Company at 5pm on August 29, where city commissioners, brewers, media, and the public will be invited to learn more about The Brewers Grove Project and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, while sampling tree inspired beers from around the area, including selections from White Flame, Pike 51, Cellar Breweries and Harmony's own tree-themed Sumac Hefeweizen.

"We want to be a benefit to the community that is very supportive of us and our industry." Jackson VanDyke, owner of Harmony Brewing says "This is a great way for the breweries to collaborate and do something positive for our city."

A Tree Beer Party at The Brewers Grove space on the north side of Riverside Park is planned on Friday, September 12, beginning at 7pm. The public is invited to bring their own wine, cider or beer to enjoy, along with blankets and chairs to watch an outdoor screening of the cult-classic movie “Strange Brew” at 8:30pm. Grand Rapids area Brewers will meet and interact with party guests throughout the event. Team Beer City will also be on hand to sign up the public to assist with The Brewers Grove tree planting in October.

Brewers Grove shirts will be available at area breweries for $18 each, with $1 of each sale going toward the project. The front of the shirt features the Brewers Grove logo, designed by Grand Rapids Artist Erica Lang of Woosah Outfitters, with the back emblazoned with the logos of the participating breweries.

Grand Rapids Beer Tours will be hosting tours to select breweries so beer fanatics can sample some of the tree inspired offerings, without having to drive.

Find the latest information, as well as a Tree Beer Map at BrewersGrove.com

*Participating Breweries and Corresponding Tree-Themed Beer

  • B.O.B.’s Brewery
Tangerine Trees, Fruited Wit
  • Brewery Vivant

Devastation, Oak Aged Double IPA

  • Cellar Brewing Company

Apple Ridge IPA, Fruited IPA

  • Crankers Brewery

Kangaroo Rodeo Barrel, Aged Brown Ale

  • EB Coffee & Pub

Oaked Melon Saison, Red Oak Saison

  • Elk Brewing

Sassafras Brown, Sassafras Brown

  • Founders Brewing Company

Lil' Saplin', Young Barrel Aged Scotch Ale with Additional Oak

  • Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Bonita Applebrown, Smoked Brown Porter with Apple

  • Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply

Cedarino, Cedar Planked Pale Ale

  • Harmony Brewing Company

Sumac Attack, Sumac Hefeweizen

  • The Hideout Brewing Company

Sticky TreeHugger, Maple Oak Pilsner

  • HopCat

Naughty Nicodemus, Cucumber Juniper Lime Gruit

  • Jaden James Brewery

Smoke on the Water, Smoked Marzen

  • The Mitten Brewing Co.

Oak Aged Pine Tar DIPA, DIPA (week 1)
Cherry Oaked Wee Heavy, Wee Heavy (week 2)

  • O'Connor's Homebrew Supply,

Smokin' Red Wood Scotch Ale, Extract Kit

  • Osgood Brewing

Spruce Almighty, Spruce Tip Black IPA

  • Perrin Brewing Company

Hopwood, Oak Aged Double-IPA

  • Pike 51 Brewing Company

Beer that shall not be named, Maple Almond Belgian Brown Ale

  • Rockford Brewing Company

Beechwood Brown, Smoked Oatmeal Brown

  • Schmohz Brewery

Barrel Aged Kiss My Scottish Arse, Smoked Scottish Ale

  • White Flame Brewing Company

Nut Job, Black Walnut Ale

  • The Peoples Cider Company

Cherry Tree Cyser, Cherry Cyser

About Freinds of Grand Rapids Parks

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is an independent, citizen led, nonprofit enterprise founded in 2008, with the mission to identify specific park projects, mobilize people, and generate resources to protect, enhance, and expand the City’s parks and public spaces.  friendsofgrparks.org

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Momma Needs a Beer was founded by Kelli Williams in 2009. Kelli is a proud member of the Team Beer City Event Committee and writes about daily life with family and friends around Michigan craft breweries, playgrounds, and beyond... capturing those unique moments that may require a little alcohol to uncover the humor within them.   MommaNeedsABeer.com

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