Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bob's Brewery is hosting a special tapping party Wednesday night!

Written by  Angela Steil
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Bob's Brewery is excited to host a special tapping party this Wednesday night (the 11th) @ 5:00 to celebrate the American Homebrewers Association conference. The BOB and Bob's Brewery will be open during normal hours this week and would like to show off some new specialties with you all during this busy and engaging time for homebrewers and beer fans alike.
Featured this week during the Wednesday tapping party is the "Bread Beer" Saison that is the offspring of a collaboration brew between John Svoboda at Bob's Brewery and the brewing team Primetime Brewers . This special collaborative experimental batch was brewed with 50 loaves of homemade whole wheat rye caraway bread baked by the Primetimers. The result is a subtle, soft and delicate ale with a touch of rye bite mixed into a melange of comforting bready flavors and a pillowy mouthfeel. This is a limited batch so come in quickly to share a pint or two with friends. The brewers had a ton of fun making it and want to share this treat with the rest of you. John Svoboda from Bob's Brewery says he is looking forward to more collaborations with the Primetime brewers so keep tabs on The BOB and Bob's Brewery events for information.
Angela Steil

Angela Steil

Angela Steil is a Certified Cicerone® who returned to Grand Rapids, Michigan after spending three years studying in New York City and Los Angeles. Engaged as a writer in the beer world, Angela is an educator for those who wish to know more about all things beer, and coordinates beer and food pairings and dinners premised on sensory reward for the adventurous and curious. She is a producer of the finest pairing of all: quality beer and conversation. 
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