Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Right Brain Brewery to Release Top Selling Dead Kettle IPA in Cans

Written by  Paul Starr
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right brain dead kettle ipa in cans article

Right Brain Brewery will release fan favorite Dead Kettle IPA, in 16 oz pint cans to help round out the brand’s can line-up of CEO Stout, Willpower pale ale, Northern Hawk Owl amber ale and Smooth Operator cream ale.
Dead Kettle, previously only available on draft and in 22 oz bottles, is an india pale ale that has huge citrus and grapefruit notes as a result of a heavy dose of Citra hop dry-hoping. Clocking in at 5.8% ABV and 70 IBU’s, the name Dead Kettle derives from the first time Right Brain ever tried to brew the beer. “The heater on our boil kettle, no matter what we tried, would just not turn on! So we whirlpooled it, dry-hopped it, said a prayer, and eventually the kettle finally turned on. The result became a huge fan-favorite in our pub,” says owner Russ Springsteen. The soft release of Dead Kettle cans in Right Brain’s tap room was a huge success, with 468 four-packs sold in only 4 days.

Unlike other can releases from Right Brain, Dead Kettle will debut on retail shelves early April 2016 in a four-pack box, to help it stand out against strong competitors that have similar packaging.

In the ever growing craft beer segment, with india pale ales leading the charge, Dead Kettle is set up to be a strong competitor and huge brand builder for Right Brain Brewery.

About Right Brain Brewery

Right Brain Brewery is nestled in the SoFo District of downtown Traverse City, Michigan, at 225 E. 16th Street. Our focus is on creating artisanally made, one-of-a-kind culinary inspired brews. If you taste something in our beers, like asparagus, cherry pies, or real pig, it's because we put it there using only whole natural ingredients. Right Brain brews can be found throughout the state of Michigan in bottles, kegs, and on draft. However we're not just beer lovers, we're art lovers too. We're advocates for anything creative, innovative, or odd so let’s have a pint sometime and Keep Beer Curious. www.rightbrainbrewery.com

Paul Starr

Paul Starr

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