Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Locallly Buzzed DVD Pre-Sale

Written by  Barb Starr
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Locally Buzzed - DVD Pre-Release

LOCALLY BUZZED-A story of a group of friends…  8 days… and a camera crew. The journey starts March 1st and ends March 8th. Travelling from brewery to brewery.





The Journey started March 1st and ended March 8th. Travelling from brewery to brewery.

Locally Buzzed is a story of eight microbrew enthusiasts who took eight days out of their lives to drive around Michigan and interview brewers and people in love with Michigan beer, and Michigan. The crew collected over 40 interviews with beer fans from the tip of the U.P. to the streets of Detroit. This films goal is to shine a positive light on a state that has a dark cloud of negativity looming above it. Our goal is to show people this state has something very special to offer people. From the great beer to the great lakes and the great people Michigan is a very special state. Find out why Michigan is the great beer state along with being one of the top states in the nation.

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Website: http://www.locallybuzzed.com/