Monday, October 22, 2012

Beer Store Review: Willow Mercantile in Cadillac

Written by  Dan Miller
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Beer Store Review: Willow Mercantile in Cadillac

When it comes to writing an article like this, I’m usually focused on something in the Grand Rapids area, but after a random stop at Willow Mercantile this summer, I had to take the time to take some pictures and highlight them in an article. What a great place!
I was on my way home from Petoskey when I drove into Cadillac to make a “maybe we’ll get lucky” stop at a specific store to check out their beer selection. After walking out disappointed, my girlfriend noticed the Bell’s Brewery sign in the window of the place next door. As soon as we walked in the door I was already impressed by the appearance of Willows and variety of products. And I had yet to see the beer section...but that changed quickly.

At first glance, I noticed how well organized the beer selection was. Hopefully he pictures do it some justice. I was extremely impressed with the selection of craft beers they had. And the middle was dedicated to just the Michigan brews. As for the “maybe we’ll get lucky” part, that happened when asking about a few specialty beers and if they had got them in the past. The result: the Jolly Pumpkin & Maui Brewing Co. collaboration: Sobrehumano Polena’ole. Not only was the owner, Brian, very friendly and helpful, he checked the back room to see if the recent beer shipment contained anything special that might pique my interest. He did well. He did very well!

Overall, if you’re in the Cadillac area and love craft beer, Willow Mercantile is a great place to stop. They had a fantastic selection of craft beer, great service and probably many other things outside the world of beer that you might need and can find there in a one stop shop.