Arcadia Brewing Company celebrates 16 years!

In 1786 Robert Burns wrote a poem entitled Address to a Haggis. This poem is far from simple. It goes to great lengths to share the simple joys and love for something complex and life enriching yet completely misunderstood, the simple haggis. Haggis quite simply is sheep's stomach stuffed with meat and barley. It is a dish that transcends time and culture, something we know and love about beer as well. Simple yet complex foods go hand in hand with simple yet complex drinks.
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Shark Club's Barrel Aged Beer Night - Howell Mi

Come enjoy Beer aged in all sorts of Barrels!
This is a cool event going on at the always exciting Shark Club Billiards and Night Club in Howell. Their normal lineup of craft beers is fantastic, but on March 29th it gets even better (and boozier) for their Barrel Aged Beer Night featuring more than ten barrel aged beers from around Michigan and beyond.