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If you’ve not paid a visit to Kalamazoo in a couple years, a lot has been going on with their local brewery scene. While staples like Bell’s and Olde Peninsula brewpub continue to thrive, the biggest news is of course Arcadia Brewing Company’s recent move from Battle Creek to Kalamazoo with a new productions facility, pub, and restaurant. But while this maybe the most visible and apparent recent addition to Kalamazoo brewing community, behind the scenes another craft brewing revolution is current in progress at the nanobrewery scale with the introduction of several new smaller breweries with brewing systems of 3 barrels and less. To put this in perspective, Bell’s recent expansions have put them in the capacity to brew 500,000 barrels or more a year.
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 9th Annual Winter Beer Festival

Here we are, just a few days away from WINTER BEERFEST! I have assembled my top 25 list for this year, and my is it sounding delicious! Breweries from all over the state are bringing their brightest and best for the festival, anxious to share their fantastic brew with all of you!
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Brewery Review: Olde Peninsula Brewpub and Restaurant

Kalamazoo has many historical buildings, something not uncommon for many of the down town portions of cities across the United States. Back in 1874 on the corner of Portage Street and Michigan Avenue the Peninsula building was built. The next historic moment came in 1980 when a F3 tornado tore through Kalamazoo County. This tornado did not destroy the building but it was damaged severely, requiring massive repairs. This was true for much of the area.
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