Friday, June 10, 2011

Beer Baron Retailer of the Month

Written by  Barb Starr
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Beer Baron - Michigan Beer Retailer - Michigan Beer Store

Click below to watch the Michigan Retailer of the month its Beer Baron in Livonia Michigan.



Beer Baron In Livonia


There’s a Beer Baron in Michigan! Livonia to be exact. And to be even more exact, he can be found at 19610 Middlebelt.

But, don’t go looking for a shady dude in a fedora (unless you are into that sorta thing). This Beer Baron is a store--and what a store! The Beer Baron features a wide selection of Michigan made beers. You name it, be it Short’s, Dark Horse, or even Frankenmuth—if it is in a can or a bottle, and made in Michigan, the Beer Baron probably has it.

I made the trek from Lansing to Livonia to chat with owner and operator Darren Zebri. This guy definitely has a love affair with beer, and you can tell the second you walk into the store. The shelves are filled with Michigan beers—and they are all arranged by brewer. You won’t find a Bell’s mixed in with the Arcadia Ales here. Each label has its own spot, and Darren figures he has about 200 different Michigan labels for sale.

The Beer Baron has exclusively been a beer, wine and spirit store for two years, and during that short time the place has already become a destination shop. Darren has had customers from Kalamazoo, Chicago, heck even Ontario! That’s right, Canada! How awesome is that? Someone drove from Canada just to buy Michigan beer at Darren’s shop!

Don’t let the Beer half of the name fool ya either, the Beer Baron also sells Michigan made wine and 20 different Michigan spirits—including vodka, gin and whiskies, which Darren says are all great because “Great water makes great alcohol.” This is my kinda store.

Like other specialty beer shops, the Beer Baron lets you make your mixed six-pack. Just visit the singles aisle and grab a few new Michigan beers—that way, you ain’t spending $10 or more on a six pack you may not even enjoy. If you fill up a six-pack with singles, you get 15% off the total price—nice! Darren says the singles aisle is the largest in metro Detroit, and boy do I believe him.

Need a quick Father’s Day gift idea? Swing by the Beer Baron and get your old man a mixed six-pack. If he doesn’t like any of ‘em, well just get him a new tie and that’s more beer for me.

If there’s a Michigan made beer on your wish list, there’s a good chance the Beer Baron has it. Give ‘em a ring. They’ll hold it for you. The Beer Baron is just a road trip away, but it is worth the journey to be surround by all that tasty Michigan beer—take a trip today, you won’t be disappointed.

Find the Beer Baron online at and Facebook, or give ‘em a call at (248) 987-6563—and make sure to tell ‘em, the Beer Hound sent ya.


Beer Baron

19610 Middlebelt

Livonia, MI 48152

(248) 987-6563