Ryan Ranspach

Ryan Ranspach

Ryan Ranspach writes for several websites including I'm a Beer Hound. Originally from the Detroit area, he now lives with his wife in Lansing. Having a wide range of interests, both work and recreation give him the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Michigan experiencing all the great things the state has to offer. His blog is available here

Website URL: http://thecontentsphere.metamemes.org

 Beer and Bacon Pairing at BAD Brewery, Grand River Brewery and REO Town Pub

To kick the year off, our beer pairings for January will feature 3 beer and bacon events. The first will be held at Bad Brewery in Mason on Monday, January 27th at 7PM and will include several of Bad's hand-crafted brews paired up with delectable bacon samplings from Jerome Country Market.

 Lansing's Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale is hosting a Startup Event on Dec. 19th

There is an exciting new project coming to Lansing, both in terms of brewing and business innovation. Matt Jason, a veteran educator, and Jeremy Sprague, a longtime local musician have partnered to form Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale.

 Take a Red Wings Road Trip to Tampa Bay

Play Harder Tours is offering a great weekend getaway to warm, beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida this coming February. Escape the winter snow with this unique trip that is centered around the city's Gasparilla Street Festival.

 Schmohz Beer and MEAT Wings at the REO Town Pub

Our beer tasting event for December will be held just after 7PM on Monday, December 9th at the REO Town Pub in Lansing. This time, we will be pairing Wings from Lansing's own MEAT Southern BBQ & Carnivore Cuisine  and beers from our good friends at Schmohz Brewery in Grand Rapids.

 Beer and Soup Pairing at REO Town Pub and Grand River Brewery

This month, we are branching out by holding two different beer pairing events, one to be held at usual location, REO Town Pub in Lansing and the second at Grand River Marketplace and Brewery in Jackson. For November, we'll be offering beer samples with some soul-warming soup, a perfect pairing to fend off the cold winds of fall.

 This Saturday is the Women's Craft Beer Tour of Greater Lansing

On Saturday, November 16th the loyal ladies from the Beer Houndettes will be holding a Lansing area craft beer tour. In addition, they will be joined by the Detroit Draft Divas and PussyCat Beer Guild from Grand Rapids who are helping promote the launch of the new ladies beer club in Lansing. 

Frankenmuth Beer and Hills Cheese Pairing at REO Town Pub

Our next event at the REO Town Pub will be at 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 24th. This month, we will be pairing beers from Frankenmuth Brewery and cheeses from Lansing City Market's own Hills Home-Cured Cheese. Frankenmuth's unique, German style beers pair great with all foods, but especially artisan cheeses, so we're excited to be doing this pairing. Hills Cheese is a family owned and operated business, and they are the premier cheese importer in the Lansing area.

 Cranker's Beer and Cupcakes Pairing at REO Town Pub

Our next beer pairing event  at the REO Town Pub is set for Thursday, Sepetember 5th at 7:00 PM. This time we will feature beer from the newly opened Cranker's Brewery in Big Rapids paired with five mini cupcakes made by Jennifer Quin's Creative Cakes.
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Grill Beer Can Chicken

How to Grill Beer Can Chicken

When I first heard about Beer Can Chicken (back home, years ago), I thought it was a joke. How and why would someone try to cook a chicken on top of a beer can? It just seemed unnecessary and a waste of beer. Even so, some friends and I tried it in college a couple times but with pretty terrible results. Pulling it off requires fairly legitimate grilling skills and patience, two things we had neither of then. I have since learned to cook and have what I would consider above average grilling skills, but I still had pretty much disregarded Beer Can Chicken as a silly novelty. Then my good friend, the owner of Black Dog Farms in southern Ingham County, approached me ealier this year to help organize a summer barbecue. Included on the menu along with smoked pork shoulder, ribs, sausages, delicious sides, and plenty of beer was Beer Can Chicken. I agreed and admitted my ineptness in regards to the final dish, but that I was certainly willing to help.

Questionable Commodities Trading Draws Ire From the Beer Industry

Hops, malt, dry finish, sour, light, stout, summery, drinkable. These are just a few of the dozens of terms we use when talking about beer. Some other terms involved with brewing though hardly ever talked about in your local pub are supply chains, commodity futures, warehouse bottlenecks, and the London Metal Exchange, but an article from the Huffington Post from last week delves headlong into just those very topics.
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