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 New Title Features The Trending Innovations of Craft Beer and Provides a Hnady Guide to Local Michigan Breweries

Michigan’s Best Beer Guide, the latest release from Thunder Bay Press, explores breweries in all regions of the mitten and across the Upper Peninsula. Beer enthusiasts will enjoy using this guide while visiting craft-beer communities within the state. Even wine aficionados will appreciate the unique breweries listed, some of which double as wineries. Amateur beer snob.

 Ann Arbor Beer Hoppy History of Tree Town Brewing by David Bardallis

Ann Arbor has always been a beer-loving town. From the establishment of the first commercial brewery in 1838 through a century of German immigration down to today’s local craft brew boom, the amber liquid looms large in Tree Town’s quirky past and present. Find out how beer helped a former University of Michigan professor win a Nobel Prize. Discover the Ann Arbor doctor whose nationally bestselling home remedy book featured ale recipes. Learn which Michigan football legend pounded brewskis as part of his training regimen. Covering the exploits of famous poets, performers and prohibitionists, local author David Bardallis pops the cap off the big beer history of this little college town and leads readers to “the best beer you can drink” in Ann Arbor today.

New Holland Brewing Co's Beervangelist Fred Bueltmann Releases First Book

Fred Bueltmann (also known as The Beervangelist) is an owner of New Holland Brewing Co. and an outspoken, fiercely passionate champion of well-made beer and food. Well-known in the beer and food communities, Fred’s exuberant and sometimes manic quest to artfully integrate beer with food led to his first book—Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Pilot Malt House in Zeeland to produce artisan malts for area brewers

Brewing 101 will teach you the 4 basic ingredients of beer: barley, water, hops, and yeast. Being a Great Lakes State, one large reason for the great success of Michigan breweries is certainly a tremendous abundance of one of the key brewing ingredients: water. In recent years Michigan-grown hops have become quite a commodity as well, with many local breweries seeking out the freshest and best ingredients wherever they can be found. One essential ingredient in Michigan that is in the greatest demand: malt. Malt is the scientific process of altering grains, most often barley, to develop the enzymes that are required to turn starch into sugar. This process ultimately creates the alcohol found in craft beer and spirits.

The Brew Trail Goes to the Capital City!

Great American Brew Trail Announces Launch of Television Series On NBC Affiliate WILX 10 Sponsored By Spartan Flagship Stores.


West Michigan has garnered national attention in recent years for its thriving culinary, beverage and agricultural offerings – offering a prime foodie destination centrally located between Chicago and Detroit. Flavor 616 magazine is being introduced in January to celebrate this culture and share the stories behind the area’s top eateries and producers.

Fred Bueltmann - The Beervangelist

When it comes to the art of pairing food and beer, few are as knowledgeable or passionate as Fred Bueltmann – aka The Beervangelist. His ability to marry food and beer, combined with his flair for entertaining prose, make him one of the most impressive and charismatic individuals in the culinary world. As an industry leader and Certified Cicerone™., Fred has a keen sense of focusing on the local while spreading his message on an international scale – both in a verbal and written sense.
Friday, September 28, 2012

The Brew Trail Starts In Michigan!

Written by Paul Starr

The Brew Trail Starts In Michigan!

Great American Brew Trail Announces Launch of Television Series On ABC Affiliate WOTV4 Sponsored By Spartan Flagship Stores
Premiering Friday September 28, 2012 at 7:30 PM on WOTV 4.  The Great American Brew Trail is a Grand Rapids MI based, nationally produced program that captures the excitement and growth of the microbrewery industry.
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